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Hey Disney Fans. Here`s some stories I wrote some are crossovers mostly high school musical. Hopefully you`ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy making them. ;)

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I know what ya thinkin what`s Ella, Drake and Abby got to do with crossovers. Because I cross my characters I made up from my High School Slam stories I make on my laptop with other movies, tv shows, books extera. Such as Wizards of waverly place, Lizzie Mcguire, High school musical and Mulan. Crossovers are easy to do you just take two stories and bring the charaters together it can be hard work and takes a lot of time but it`s fun if you love stories like me. The most crossovers I`ve done are about High school musical I`ve done a couple of Wizard of waverly place stories and am thinking about doing a Lizzie Mcguire story. Hope you`ll enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them. Who knows Disney might make a movie out of them. ;)

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