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Buster grown up

Buster Lisal

Born on the 19th August 1996.

He is a strong, hyper, crazy and cherry rottwiler dog. He is best friends with everyone in the sports team. He fancies Claira but when he jokes around her trying to impress her she never looks amused. He has a on and off relationship with her.

He used to live with his perants Sassha and Brock. His siblings Scamp, Carly, freddie, Miley and Zac. But all that changed when Brock lost his temper with Sassha and nearly killed her. Because of that Buster got taken away with his brothers and sisters away from their perants. They were in a childrens home for years. And because usualy people couldn`t foster more than one kid. So they were all splited up. Buster moved into his friends Charlie`s house. He got on well with Charlie`s dad, step mom and Charlie`s little step sister Molly. He still sees his brothers and sisters sometimes. Even though he misses his life with his perants but he dosen`t let it bring him down. You know what they say. No matter how much of a pain things are there`s always someone worser off.

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